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Thread: My 8 Mo old would not nurse today, Help!

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    Default My 8 Mo old would not nurse today, Help!

    My little girl, who normally is a very good breastfeeder, would not nurse today. I am freaking out because I am not ready to stop nursing - I want to go to at least a year. I started taking acidopholus yesterday, would that be effecting the taste of my milk? How can I sweeten my milk for her?

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    Default Re: My 8 Mo old would not nurse today, H

    This has some information on nursing strikes, which sounds like what is happening.

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    Default Re: My 8 Mo old would not nurse today, H

    Is it possible that she is teething or not feeling well? We sometimes have off-days.

    That being said, I find that since DS is so interested in eating, he is not as interested in nursing (DS is about 9 months now). He has always been very distractable, but has taken it to a whole new level. I tried for quite some time to keep all feeds going, nursing on demand and always offering breast before meals, and was met with squirming and disinterest (and I figured it wasn't doing either of us any favours to "make" him). Instead, I have have found that he is still interested during our "quiet times", and focused on those - when he gets up in the morning, around naptimes, before bed, and through the night as needed. At these times, he actually feeds well, and doesn't just use me as a soother. Sometimes, especially when he's not feeling well, he'll actively seek a nurse (shirt-lift vs hungry noises) without it being offered. I've let him take the lead (at least I think I have), and feel that he's weaned himself from some feeds - I am just happy that we are still getting several BFs in at this stage, as we climbed mountains in the early days (as such, I see each day we continue, even if it's in part, as a victory).

    Good luck, and I hope you find a solution that works for you!

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    Default Re: My 8 Mo old would not nurse today, H

    I'd stop the supplement and see if that makes a difference, and then I'd make sure LO doesn't have an ear infection or is teething. And check out that link above on nursing strikes.
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    Default Re: My 8 Mo old would not nurse today, H

    I agree with the above posting. Maybe she isn't feeling well because of teething or an ear infection. Or maybe she has gas or even thrush. When my daughter won't nurse, I bounce around the house with her, because I automatically assume gas (which it normally is).

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