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Thread: 4 months old, not latching on properly.

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    Default 4 months old, not latching on properly.

    Hello everyone, my LO is 4 months old and for the past 2-3 weeks he hasn't been latching on properly, when it comes to feeding time I get myself and him into a comfortable position but he can't/won't latch properly! He just keeps opening and closing his mouth continually like a fish... I have tried teasing him, waiting for him to open wide and scoop his Tongue but he won't! If I dont let him try latching on while he is opening and closing his mouth like a fish .. He starts to get frustrated etc... Any advice? I know I have probably made this worse by putting my nipple in his mouth for him and him having a terrible latch etc.. (I know this as I generally have sore/cracked nipples after a feed) But it's the only way he had been feeding lately and I don't want to give up. Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: 4 months old, not latching on proper

    has he always had a bad latch?
    and do you eventually get to nurse him with a bad latch now?
    as for now try not to be too forceful with gettin him to latch i think it turns babies off from nursing, and we dont want to have him associate nursing with something bad.

    have you tried laying on your side and exposing your breast to him and see if he can try and latch himself? (my DD for the longest time would ONLY feed side lying and that needless to say made going out in public something awkward)

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    Have you tried another position, such as a football hold? When my daughter won't latch right, I try a football hold and a lot of the time she will latch right.

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    Default Re: 4 months old, not latching on proper

    Try a different position.

    Is he teething? That can mess up their latch quite a lot.
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