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Thread: Why is it so hard to get her to nurse

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    Default Why is it so hard to get her to nurse

    Hi everyone.

    I'm still a little puzzled about what the right feeding routine for my daughter is. Once she is at the boob, she usually feeds well though she may stop occassionally to squirm and cry. The challenge is to get her to feed each and every time. I feed her on demand. Usually nine or ten times a day for spans that last anything between 5 and 20 minutes.

    What frustrates me more and more everyday is that with every feeding, there is an added session of crying, those include the moments when she stops eating to cry and then sometimes I can get her to eat some more, sometimes she just won't have it.

    I'm getting a little worried about her. I thought for a minute there I had her figured it out. She does prefer quiet times in complete darkness and stillness to eat the longest. I cannot even talk or hum for her. She also wants the craddle hold and nothing else.

    I thought since I finally had an agreement with the woman I live with to be left alone in a room to feed her, baby would be happy and would at the very least cry the same cry before eating and be content.

    Yet, it seems to be that she is taking more time to cry and reject the boob than to actually eat. I'm very irritated and I'm beginning to feel tired of trying to feed her. Sure, she eats eventually, but I keep thinking that there has to be something I can do to shorten the crying session and make things easier.

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    Default Re: Why is it so hard to get her to nurs

    Is she gaining well? Is she providing the needed number of wet/dirty diapers? The reason why I ask is if she is doing well otherwise, maybe she has reflux? I am no expert, but I did find that my daughter will squirm, fuss and cry when she is having reflux issues. I would just give her pediatrician a call and ask their opinion. This may not be the case, but it certainly doesn't hurt to ask for their advice. Good luck and hang in there!! It will get better (even though when you're tired, it often doesn't feel that way!)

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