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Thread: Milk supply question

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    Question Milk supply question

    My LO is 12 weeks old and has been doing beautifully breastfeeding with no bottle and only a paci in the car when needed. My boobs are very deflated feeling and only seem firm and some what full feeling during the night due to my son sleeping from 11p-5:30am. He nurses on one breast per feeding and seems very satisfied for an hour or two (I never let him go longer then 2 hours except at night). Every day around 6pm he seems to feed nonstop too. I feel like he is getting enough but in the back of my mind my floppy breasts concern me. My question is, how do you know your supply is what it should be for your baby and how do you know when their is a problem with your supply?

    Thanks in advance

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    I think I would start worrying if my little one started seeming unsatisfied or hungry during or right after a feed, or if weight gain slowed dramatically during the first 6 months, or if wet/dirty diapers started decreasing. If your LO is satisfied, growing and developing well, and is eliminating adequately, I would assume that your body has simply adjusted production to meet his needs.

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    Input = output. If your LO has enough wet and poopy diapers, you are producing enough. By this point your supply has regulated to your LO's needs so you shouldn't be feeling engorged or full. At this age they can go 3 hours between feedings. Evening cluster feeds are very common, partly because your supply is often lowest at that point. I think about it as evening cuddle time. Trust your instincts.
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    From what you've said it sounds like you're doing FAB! And as your LO is now 12 wks old, floppy boobs = effective boobs! In other words, they know exactly what they're doing and who they're doing it for now.

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    Agree with all above...one thing I want to add...get ready for a growth spurt! Your LO is nearly three months, and from my experience, this is a big growth spurt that may increase feeding sessions. Sounds like to me, all is going extremely well for you and your baby!

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