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Thread: Pumping/Bottle question

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    Hey all! I'll be going back to work when my baby turns about 5 months old. So I'll need to start pumping, and I read that a baby should be introduced to a bottle after 4 weeks of age but before 6 weeks, and my son is now 4 weeks old. I'd also like to start pumping now just to have some in the freezer in case anything comes up and someone else has to feed him.

    So what I want to do is have Dad give him a bottle here and there so he gets used to it, but it definitely won't be a regular thing yet. How often should I do this, bearing in mind that he will rarely need a bottle for the next few months?

    Also, everything I've read says that giving a bottle in place of a regular feeding can effect my milk supply since my baby wouldn't be nursing for that feeding. So how do you introduce a bottle without it negatively affecting your milk supply?


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    After each feeding pump a little, even if only an ounce... feed your baby with bottle before feedings and then nurse and pump some more again.. I did it usually three times a day to get my baby used to a bottle.. I started this at 8 weeks old and he is now 12 and I am ready to go back to work next week...
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    If you have a good supply, just pump after a feeding or when you usually have the most milk to get enough for that trial bottle. If you pump regularly, you may pump yourself right into an OS and/or OALD.

    It is a total FALLACY that you need to have a big freezer stash for going back to work. You need enough stored for that first day and a little extra, and then you'll be pumping the next day's worth at work so baby can have mostly fresh milk. The other thing to note is that some moms have a lipase problem, but they don't know that until they find their freezer stash is all icky smelling and tasting so baby won't take it anyway. So what I'm saying...don't kill yourself making a big stash. You probably won't need it anyway.

    And yes, don't do bottles in place of a regular feeding if you have a low supply or even a normal supply with such a young baby. If you need to do a bottle, you'll need to pump instead. So, if you are out and about, you might need to pump while you are away. It all depends on your supply. I could skip feedings, but I would become totally uncomfortable from being full, and I made sure it wasn't a regular thing. Like if I wanted to go to the store, I didn't worry about missing a feeding. I just nursed when I got back.
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