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Thread: Breastfeeding and Pregnant again...

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    Hello, I have a 16 month old daughter that is no where near weaning. And I was wondering If she doesn't wean by the time the baby comes beginning of may then will the baby get the proper colostrum needed? I don't mind Tandem nursing at all just worry about the colostrum part.

    Thanks ladies!

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    Yes, not to worry, your baby will get the colostrum. It's not like you only produce a limited amount and if you're not careful your toddler will get it all. Colostrum is produced in varying amounts during pregnancy, and mature milk production can begin only after the birth of the placenta.

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    Yes! I am 29 weeks pregnant and breastmilk usually changes to colostrum by 20 weeks and I'm producing a lot of colostrum at this point because my son is still bf! Apparently it increases your colostrum and helps your milk come in sooner once the baby is born.

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