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Thread: Take the pump to Vegas?!

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    So sweet!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*buff24 View Post
    Well you all might be interested to know that the pump made the trip to Vegas with me... I think I pumped about 4 times over 4 days while I was there, but honestly I don't think I needed to... my boobs never really felt full? Want to know how much milk I pumped TOTAL over 4 pumping sessions? 1 ounce. That's right, only 1 ounce total over 4 pumping sessions. But you know what? I am so against throwing away ANY breast milk at all that I totally saved that 1 ounce, kept it in the frig, kept it cold with a freezie pack and carried it on the plane with me, brought it home to Ohio, and promptly gave it to Mason in a cup upon returning home. And he drank it right up.

    And you will also be happy to know that he picked right back up nursing as if I had never left. I am SO happy he wants to continue nursing!!
    That's awesome, Buff! I have been pumping while I'm in Alabama and I get 1-1.5 ounces each time I pump, 3x a day. I'm sure I was producing more a couple months ago, but I really made him cut back a lot recently.

    I'm glad Mason picked back up on it, I'm hoping Levi will nurse again when I go home for Thanksgiving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aprilsmagic View Post
    Makes you wonder how much the kids get at this age Glad to hear you had a good time and it was no problem in your nursing relationship!
    I know, right?! I know he's getting milk because I can hear him swallowing, and see milk on my nip afterward... but yeah, I'm sure he's not getting that much these days.

    And I even hand-expressed after I was done pumping, and still only got just enough to barely cover the bottom of the Medela bottles. I'm sure my DH was all when he saw me saving that teeny bit of milk, LOL. Ahh well, I'm glad I did it... reminded me so much how grateful I am to be done pumping... I felt like a newbie because it had been so long since I had pumped!
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