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Thread: relactating/increasing supply help!

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    Been 2.5 weeks since my 3.5 weeker nursed, I pumped w/the a hand pump for a few days but haven't had any stimul for about 10 days. I've got a lactina pump, a medela sns, and a bottl of fenugreek. Ds will latch with persuasion...now what do I do? When do I pump? How much fenugreek, when do I stop using sns? All the info you can give me would be helpful!

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    Welcome! And congratulations on the new baby. It is fantastic that he will latch on- that's half the battle right there. Start by putting the baby to the breast as often as possible, using the SNS to make sure he associates feeding with the breast. As soon as he has a full meal, get busy with the pump. You're aiming to mimic the feeding pattern of a newborn using the pump, so pump for at least 10 minutes per side every 2-3 hours, with more frequent and longer sessions being preferable. As time goes on, you should see an increase in milk supply, and as soon as you are mostly filling the SNS with your milk instead of formula, you can start cautiously weaning from the SNS. You put a half oz or so less in the SNS per feeding, and watch diaper output. As long as the baby is having adequate diaper output, you can continue to reduce the amount in the SNS. You can also start crimping the SNS tube as the baby feeds, encouraging him to suck more strongly at the breast and further stimulating supply, while still ensuring that you can reward him with milk the moment you uncrimp the tube. Make sense?

    You can do this!

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