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Thread: What the heck is going on!!!???

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    Default What the heck is going on!!!???

    My DD gets dropped off @ DCP around 7:30AM each morning, and gets picked up at 5PM each night. She usually nurses around 6:00-6:30PM, then again around an hour to and hour and a half later, then again around an hour later, then again around another hour later. She goes down for the night between 8-10PM, and usually wakes once in the "middle of the night" and once closer to when it's time to get up. She usually will not nurse again before I drop her off, but sometimes will. Then, she gets 3bottles with 4oz each in them. At home, 2 days a week, DH can usually get her to eat all three, or at least 2. DCP is struggling to get her to take even 2. She took 3 ounces around 8:00, then slept from 8:15AM-11:45 (when they woke her up) When I went back over around 1PM, they said she'd finished the last ounce around 11:45 from the 1st bottle, but had only taken an ounce off the 2nd bottle. I am not sure what is going on.... IE: could this be seperation anxiety and/or reverse cycling, even though she's not waking me much at night, but nursing very frequently in the early evening? She hasn't BM'd in 3 days, but for a small "skid mark" today. I am freaking out! She has been sort of moany and fussy, but doesn't seem sick. Never really cries all too much and is pretty happy and laid back most of the time. A few people suggested teething, and said they actually felt top tooth coming down. Could she possibly be getting enough?? She's 5 months actual, 4 months adjusted. PLENTY of wet diapers!!! Lowest birth weight was around 5# 10oz, current weight is 15#. Was worried it might be excess lipase, but checked and the milk smells and tastes sweet and fresh. If they are shaking it up, could that change the flavor to her?
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    How are things going now?

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