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Thread: so confused about gas and food!

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    Question so confused about gas and food!

    OK... so I have read on kellymom and LLLI that it doesn't matter what you eat, b/c milk is made from your blood, not your stomach contents. Makes sense to me, except that some foods do go into your bloodstream (garlic compounds, milk protein...). Plus, so many moms tell me their personal experiences w/problem foods. SO, i don't know what to believe.
    Does what you eat make baby gassy or not?
    anybody know?
    my 6 w/o has been screaming from gas all week and if i'm causing it or can prevent it, of course i want to.
    mylicon, massages, leg pumping, etc doesn't seem to help at all. my other question:
    Does not burping baby well enough cause intestinal gas(farting)? doesn't seem like it could, but i'm so new to all this.

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    Default Re: so confused about gas and food!

    I hope on of the Mom-Pros answer because I am having the same problem. I was a veggie in the past (not I eat chicken and fish too) so I eat beans or bean products every day. I also just read drinking milk can give my LO gas and I love milk. Add to all of this so many vegetables are on the bad gas list too (broccoli, onions, cabbage, squash, bell peppers...) so it seams like a nursing mom can only have carbs, meat and spinach. I hope this is not the case.
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