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Thread: 16 week old with a cold...

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    Default 16 week old with a cold...

    Our 16-week old weighs 17 lbs and usually has a constantly wet diaper. We normally change his diaper at least 10-12 times a day. He has had a runny nose, slight cough and severe stuffiness since yesterday. Last night was miserable...he was up most of the night and his only stretch of sleep was for 4 hours (he normally sleeps 6-8 at night).

    He's nursing much less than usual...he woke up at 8 this morning and was fussy. I suctioned his nose and got a bunch of snot out, and then nursed him, though he wasn't all that interested. He only nursed on one side and pulled off way sooner than usual. Now, at 10:30, I tried to nurse him again. Same thing. My right boob is so full, so I KNOW he's got getting his typical amount of milk. I don't usually get full like this anymore.

    His output has decreased...I went to change his diaper and was surprised to find it dry. That makes about 3 hours since he's peed. Sounds okay, except that he's typically always wet..

    We've tried just about everything to relieve his stuffiness, since I assumed that's why he doesn't want to nurse much...I'm just kinda getting worried about his input and output...I'm an RN, but I don't deal with babies so...I'm not sure!!
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    Default Re: 16 week old with a cold...

    Have you used a cool mist humidifier in his sleeping area? Also maybe try a steam bath/shower (just sit and hold him in bathroom, not in the tub, with him while hot water is running in tub/shower) just prior to feeding to loosen and thin his secreations? Hope this helps. My LO is almost 12 weeks and I am really not looking forward to her first cold.

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    Default Re: 16 week old with a cold...

    my 6 month old just had his first cold this weekend. he would not nurse for long but wanted to do it a lot more frequently(in the night especially since he was waking up frequently). i had him sleep in bed right next to me and he was snacking all night. (i find co sleeping very uncomfortable and it doesn't work well for us but he needed me all night anyway so it really helped us both get some rest) his cold actually was over in 24 hours and i think all the breast milk helped. good luck, hope your lo feels better soon. (i think the cool mist humidifier is a great idea as well)
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