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Thread: Nipple Shields

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    My LO is 7 1/2 weeks and would not latch on AT ALL. He cried and got frustrated until I gave up and gave him a bottle. I was heart broken and did not know what to do except to just EP and give him EBM.

    Then a week ago I tried the medela contact nipple shield and it actually worked very well!
    And now I am proud to say that he LOVES nursing and even actively starts looking for a nipple anytime ANYONE hold him. The problem is that it only works with the nipple shield and I have heard so many bad things about them. One bad thing is that it apparently reduces milk supply but I have seen an increase in mine compared to EP that I did before.

    Did anyone else use a nipple shield and did you have any long term/short term problems? I am getting such mixed reviews but it seems to be a life saver for me!

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    Congratulations on getting the baby to the breast! That's awesome!

    Nipple shields do get mixed reviews. For moms with babies who will not otherwise latch, and for moms in a lot of pain, shields can be a godsend. But there's no silver lining without a grey cloud: for some moms, shield use can reduce milk transfer, decrease stimulation, and decrease supply. But that is some, not all! It doesn't sound like you are one of the moms who is likely to experience a problem, since you're seeing a supply increase over what you had when you were EPing. If the shield were going to have a negative impact on your supply, you'd probably already be seeing it. Nevertheless, as you and your baby gain confidence, you might want to start offering the bare breast and see what happens. If you can get your baby to nurse without the shield, you'd gain some convenience.

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    I used the shield with my first one for a few weeks... there are tips to try and wean after awhile... I finally got tired of trying to get everything all put together in the middle of the night.. and so I just tried to nurse without it and he got it...

    I did not notice any supply issues-- I have OS now-- so i am assuming I was OS with him as well...

    good luck-- don't worry about it right now-- he is nursing
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    My dd and I used the nipple shield for three months. She just.. Wouldn't nurse otherwise! But we had no supply issue and simply one day she got mad at the shield n started nursing on bare breast. I say if it helps use it but try to wean it gets really old having to find it n washing if u dropped it etc

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