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Thread: Nipple Level 1 or 2?

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    Default Nipple Level 1 or 2?

    I have been back at work 6 weeks now and my 5 mo old EBF DS is now getting 3 bottles a day, 3 days a week. I have been using level 1 Born Free nipples but he would only eat while asleep and it would take him over 30 min to finish 4.5oz. So it is difficult to feed him like this.

    I noticed that with Level 2 he will eat awake and finish the bottle in 7-8 min (max 10) min. He is gulping it down...sometimes chokes. And he wants to continue sucking when he's done.

    He had 3 days of Level 2 and I think I am already noticing problems with him eating at the breast...he fusses more, plus he needs to be asleep. So it takes him longer since he's asleep.

    What level nipples should BF babies be on and how long should it take them to finish a bottle? Is there something between 1 and 2? Not sure which level to use...my main goal is to keep the breastfeeding relationship.

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    Default Re: Nipple Level 1 or 2?

    I would keep it at level 1. Nursing is harder than bottles so if your objective is to keep nursing you want to make bottle feeding as close to nursing as possible.

    Here are some tips on bottle feeding the breastfed baby.
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    Default Re: Nipple Level 1 or 2?

    You might want to try a different brand. That brand might not work for your baby. You could try a Breastflow bottle.
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    i would agree with staying with level 1 if you're at ALL worried about botte preference. And agree with switching bottles too -- we tried so many, and at the beginning, all we could get Max to eat from were the Dr. Brown's.
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    My (numerous) lactation consultants have always told me that a baby shouldn't take more than 10 minutes per oz with a bottle but that there isn't a lower limit other than the child's comfort and desire to keep at the breast. (My child had problems sucking, and there was no bottle that he could achieve such a fast rate on really, but we got all that taken care of, and he learned to breastfeed fine.) That tells me that your 4.5 oz in 30 minutes is right on target, and the only real problem with it is that bottle feeding is just more inconvenient than breastfeeding, but it doesn't sound like the baby is having a problem.

    I had good success with breastflow bottles when I had to bottlefeed my first, and the recommendation from the company is to continue to use Level 1 nipples the entire time in order to most closely mimic the flow of breastmilk.

    That being said, different babies are different, and you might need to play around a bit as other posters have suggested.
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    The usual recommendation is for breastfed babies to STAY with "newborn" bottle nipples until they're done with bottles. Both my LO were using "newborn" nipples in bottles until their last bottles at about 13 mo.

    You WANT baby to need to work a little to get EBM from a bottle.
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