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Thread: Weird since Monday and now Green Poop

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    Default Weird since Monday and now Green Poop

    Baby is 16 weeks. Since Monday night, he's had poops - very loose - EVERY time I change him. It's not necessarily tons, but it's more than just a little. He just cut 2 teeth last week. We're thinking more are on the way soon as he is biting his fingers and anything else he can find.

    Tonight, however, there was definitely a green poop. I know green poop can be due to several reasons, but when do you start to worry?

    I'm worried something is wrong with my milk? He feeds within about 3-5 minutes unless it's middle of the night. He seems happy. He's not lethargic. He isn't feeding ALL THE TIME or anything.

    Could it just be teeth?

    When do I decide I'm worried b/c of the green? Like, how many times should I see green before I freak out?
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    Default Re: Weird since Monday and now Green Poo

    I wouldn't be too worried. Babies can have green poo for a lot of diff reasons. Just keep an eye on it and if it's not dehydrating your lo it should be alright. Here is a link that may help... http://drjaygordon.com/pediatricks/general/poop.html

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