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Thread: Donating blood while BFing

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    Default Donating blood while BFing

    We are having a blood drive here at school. Has anyone given blood while breastfeeding? Both kellymom and LLL sources are not definite one way or the other. My LO is 7 months old and I have a well established supply. I will also try to get them to use the non-baby carrying arm.
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    I didn't donate blood in the first year, but after that I did. That was easier because at that point, being pump weaned, I wasn't losing as much in terms of fluids and calories to breastmilk all day. There's no prohibition on donating blood while breastfeeding, but if you do, DRINK A TON OF WATER and eat really heartily before hand. When I give a pint of blood, I feel pretty darn weak and tired afterwards. There's no way I would do it with a newborn (I had anemia after Joe was born, too, so NO WAY), but with a toddler has been no problem.

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    I have donated blood several times while I have been nursing. I have never had any ill effects but I am a bit on the larger size and have never been anemic. I agree with PP that you will want to take care to eat and drink enough if you are going to.

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    I donated blood for the first time while I was nursing ds1. I do not remember how old he was, not a newborn for sure. The only problem I had was that they bruised my arm and it was very sore so nursing in our favorite craddle hold hurt pretty badly.
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    I've donated once or twice since DS was born (he's 20 months now.) However, the last time I tried, it was summer and hot. I'd had a lot of liquids, but turned out to be pretty dehydrated. They couldn't get a donation. And since I hated to give up, my arm got pretty beat up in attempts. Since then, I've kind of felt like it's smarter not to try until DS is nursing a litte less.

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