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Thread: Plugged duct? Less desire to nurse..Help

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    Default Plugged duct? Less desire to nurse..Help

    Forgive me if I over provide information

    So my baby girl is 10 months old. We've had a pretty good nursing experience, and she was nursing very well 5 times a day (occasionally once more) and was happy and satisfied.

    I introduced solids shortly after she turned 6 months old. However, she didn't like them that well, and I did push it. At around 8-9 months she showed more interest in solids.

    I always, always nurse first before offering solids, and I'd say in the last month or so she has decided she likes solids, and I offer them until she refuses. She eats about 4oz of solids {sometimes more, occasionally less} 3 times a day. It seems my boys used to eat way more than that.

    Okay - so in this past week or so, she has been so fidgety nursing during the day {still nurses well first thing in the morning and at night before bed}. I sit in her quiet room in the glider to nurse her. And particularly on one side she constantly pulls off and I feel like she's not nursing well on that side. She doesn't cry, but laughs and smiles and plays. She just cut her 7th tooth, and lately she's been biting me too {mostly on that same side}. She's very sensitive when I tell her "no" about the biting and will cry. I've tried to suck it up and just let her bite in order to keep her from crying, but those little teeth hurt SO bad.

    I guess I assumed that she was cutting down on her nursing intake because of the solids {up to this point she has not changed her nursing habits at all even with the intro of solids}...But I'm not sure if that's normal at her age?

    Last night I was so sore on that side, and I'm thinking I have a plugged duct.

    So! Having said all that.....I need to know what to do! How do I encourage her to nurse more efficiently on that side? Or should I? Is this a normal reduction? Should I cut down on her solids intake to increase her milk intake? What should I do about the plugged duct? I'm a bit confused and admittedly a bit frustrated.

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    Default Re: Plugged duct? Less desire to nurse..

    It could be that the teeth are bothersome to her when she nurses on that side. What you might try is nursing her in the same position that you use when you nurse on the better side. Just slide her over and keep nursing.

    I personally would not permit biting. That's a nasty habit that can eventually lead to some serious damage to you. Yes, they cry when you say no, but offer something else to bite on.

    If you feel like she's not nursing enough, cut back on the solids for a few days and see if that encourages her to nurse, as really, that's what you need to do to cure the plugged duct...nurse, massage, heat, a hot shower and some time.

    It's also possible that her teeth have damaged you a bit on that side, and some bacteria got in, and you could be really sore from that. So watch for redness, fever, that sort of thing.

    Normal varies froom child to child.And I had some who nursed more at some times and less at others.
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