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    Hi! I have a quick question. My son is 6 months and one week old. He has always been a kneader, even since he was just a few weeks old. My question is that for the past couple of weeks he makes this gesture even when he is not nursing. He will do it when he is upset in the car seat, ready to get out of the high chair, etc. The motion that he makes looks like the gesture you would make to show someone how to rev up a motorcycle. He does it with both hands or one at a time. I know it sounds like nothing to be worried about but a friend mentioned that it resembled autistic "flapping" and so now I can't quit thinking about it. Since then I have also noticed that he does it so often! It is almost exclusively when he is upset (or getting close to being upset).

    I am hoping this is just a way that he comforts himself, since it is something that he started doing while nursing as a newborn but I just need some reassurance!

    Thanks so much, in advance

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it right now. My son did quite a bit of "flapping" when he was little- we always said it looked like he was going to take off and fly he usually did it when he was excited. He is now a very bright 2 and half year old. "Flapping" can be associated with autism but it isn't the only sign. As long as everything else looks good I would put it right out of your mind for now.

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    Mama is he kneading you breasts when you nurse? And its the same motion? If so, my gut tells me that it's his sign for wanting to nurse. Especially since he does it when upset. For autistic kids, the flapping isn't isolated to when they are upset ykwim? I really wouldn't worry too much mama. :vibes
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    Ditto maybe it is a nursing sign. However if you are really worried you could take the asq online, a developmental screening used nation-wide. If answers come back good you are all good. If the come back saying you may need more support first recheck the email they sent and re read your answers to make sure it wasn't computer error. If that is correct then you can ask pedi to do a real one.
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    My daughter does exactly what you are describing! (She's 7 mos. old). I think it is just normal behavior.

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