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Thread: teething and latch questions

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    Default teething and latch questions

    Went to a LLL meeting last night and DS was not pleased with my decision. He was cranky all afternoon and had the worst melt-down yet but I decided to go to get us out of the house. Anyway, that didn't go well as he cried the whole time (wouldn't even nurse which really worried me) and we ended up leaving early. So, wondering if moms here can help me with the following questions I didn't get asking at the meeting

    DS is now 5 months and teething. The bottom two teeth are in. 2 weeks ago when I could see swollen gums his latch changed and I got blisters on my nipples (posted here and eventually things got better). The latch is better and pain is gone but my concern is if this is going to happen with all his teeth?

    He has a shallow latch and seems to be slipping on and off more frequently than before. Is this going to get worse when more teeth come in. I've been putting up with the shallow latch because of all the struggles at the beginning (we have only been BF since 3 months of age) but am worried this is going to come back and bite me (!!) when teeth come in.

    When he was uncomfortable from the teeth coming in he would wake more frequently during the night and we were nursing every 4 hours or so at night. This is fine but it increased my milk supply. Now that he is better (or at least only cranky during the day) he is sleeping through the night again. He is a great night sleeper but horrible napper. So he nurses to sleep at 7PM. May wake for a quick snack before midnight and then sleeps until 6AM and will go back to sleep again until 9AM. Well come 6AM I have two boobs that are about ready to explode. This morning I woke him up. He only ever takes one side per feed to it really isn't until after noon that I feel like I have normal boobs again. Will this just regulate itself or do I have oversupply issues?

    Thanks for all the help. I get so much help from reading other posts too!

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    Default Re: teething and latch questions

    It will regulate itself mama. If it gets super uncomfortable maybe you can hand expres just a little little bit to relieve the pressure. With the teething, you may find that his latch changes a bit when he is teething (but not always) from here on out but now that you know what you are dealing with , you can help him latch a little better for your comfort. Plus those first teeth are right in the line of latch YKWIM? With my first, his latch didn't get too bad after those first 4 front teeth came in. But every kid is different.

    And I gotta say, your post gave me flashbacks to when I went to LLL meetings with my DS. I ALWAYS left early
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    Default Re: teething and latch questions

    The first teeth were the worst but we do get a changed latch with all of them just not as bad, definitely bearable.
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