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Thread: I think I'm nearing the end

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    A lot of you posted great advice and questions so here's a summary of that info.

    The pinching occurs at the end of feeding when my breasts are not full. When my daughter comes off there is a slight crease on the side but the nipples is still pretty round. My LC said that it looked ok when I brought this up.

    I did have thrush a couple of weeks ago so I just finished a round of diflucan. The aching and pinching is different from the pain I experienced with the thrush so I think it's more of a latch problem.

    The pain is getting better. I no longer have intense pain with the initial latch, it's just the end of the nursing period that really hurts. I do think that comfort sucking is when it occurs, which she has been wanting to do a lot more this last week (she had a bladder infection), so she has spent a lot of time just nursing. By the end of the day I'm really sore and aching but in the morning it's not that bad.

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    Have you tried letting her suck on your finger at the end? Sometimes I just can't handle any more comfort sucking and after a couple of sucks on my finger ds is done. I have also heard of people who give a pacifier in this situation, but only after offering the breast, only while holding the baby, and if the pacifier comes out offering the breast again before putting it back in. I hope you can find a solution that works for you, and remember, especially since she's been sick, this probably won't last long.

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