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    I'm a new mom of 14 day old Dany. He latched fast to breast and wants to eat ton. I wanted to breastfeed exclusively though he was getting so hungry in the hospital in the nights (I had C-section so we were there for a while) that frustrating father that couldn't sleep suggesting to get him formula. Pediatrician saw his weight to go down also agreed to give him some before the night - so we did. He filled up better and slept much better.
    I walked from hospital exhausted and a bit defeated that my baby won't be only breastfed baby due to his hunger and me still not having enough milk. He pretty much wanted to eat 2-4oz at the time. When I got milk (and before) he pretty much fell asleep on my breast, and i was lucky if we got 15-20 min per breast and many times never got to the other breast. So that made him hungry faster and crying more.
    The pooping and peeing wasn't ever issue for him, so we knew we are fine. At our 1st week doctor's visit, he gained his birth weight back and more... but we still supplemented with formula at times, since father insisted to have a happier baby.
    I was fearing that he will refuse my breast and he will not drink enough. My milk supply got pretty good - since I was pumping too and now easily got 3-4oz at a sitting. Mainly during the night i get that almost every 2 hours!
    Though, my concern and questions are about how i am bottle feeding my milk to him, am i confusing him and teaching him that he doesn't need to empty my breast himself? how can I get him to be more efficient?
    Now at exactly 2 weeks, he is even getting fussier more often. His self smoothing is almost gone. he is exhausted and will fall asleep on me after feeding (bottle, my milk through bottle or briefly after sucking on my breast) but then he is up after only 30 min or less.... he is usually a good sleeper in the night hours, can last 2-3 hours one time even 4 but that is after formula and he is definitely more calmer...
    I tried swing - didn't work, i tried music or melodies or whit noise - didn't work, i tried swadlle him - he loves that usually but doesn't work all the time. it seems that it could be gas, but what i am fearing he is only calmer after i am holding him on my chest, or pick him up to calm him down. is he getting spoiled = hand baby? am i doing anything wrong? how to help him to calm down and self smooth better on his own or nap better? his crying and fussiness - not caused by dirty diaper or hunger since that's not the case - is really exhausting me and making me feel like a bad mom....

    I know I wrote ton, but could anyone help me???? please advice me...

    thank you so much!

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    hi mama. there is a lot in your post so let me just write some basic information that i think may help.

    formula does not satisfy a baby more, it is harder for them to digest.

    if you do want to breastfeed only, i would recommend working away from the bottles and the pumping.

    babies remove milk much better than a pump. my son was only happy being held and being at the breast. this is a good way of life in the early weeks if breastfeeding is what you want. I set myself up each morning at my rocking chair, i brought over a little table, got books, snacks, and my laptop. i stayed there all day nursing. i used a boppy pillow, just kept switching my son from one side to another, he would sleep a lot at the breast. if he would fuss i would latch him on again.

    the baby needs to suck to tell your body how much milk to make. if you give him bottles your body does not know the correct amount to make.

    bottles can lead to confusion for the baby. milk flows out very fast and the baby right now needs to learn how to nurse if he is going to stick with it.

    try to trust your body, trust yourself as a mama. i promise if you keep the baby to the breast all day there will be much less fuss!

    i do suggest getting a baby carrier if you want to eventually get up to do stuff, but you are in the VERY early weeks and i would personally just sit back and nurse nurse nurse.

    i read the new edition of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding during those weeks and i loved it!

    i still hold my baby all the time, everyone always comments on how happy he is. you cannot spoil a baby with love mama, enjoy it all and snuggle as much as you want to.

    these links may help, just keep and eye on diapers!


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