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Thread: My baby is holding me hostage!

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    Unhappy My baby is holding me hostage!

    Hi. My daughter is 7 months old and refuses to take a bottle! I cannot leave her with anyone, for any length of time, and forget about car rides!
    She will spit, gag, and throw fits. I could see if out was formula but it's breastmilk!
    I have tried different bottles. Just don't know what else to do? I am frustrated and ready to quit though I probably couldn't do that given the fact that she won't take a bottle no matter whats in it!
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Oh man, what fun! I agree that quitting won't help, because I don't think the root issue here is what or how you're feeding your baby, but a nice case of separation anxiety. I am guessing that your LO has decided that she doesn't want to be separated from you for any reason, even for her own good (like when she has to be in the car seat). This is enormously frustrating but it's also a normal stage of infant development. The good news is that it is just a stage, and that means that it will pass. Can you bear to roll with it for now? I promise, it gets better! My velcro baby was stuck to me like glue on and off until she was around a year old. But now, at 16 months, she falls asleep by herself, stays happily with daddy for hours, and runs away from me the moment we go outside.

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    Hang in there, it does get better. My 11 month old used to be that way but now he is getting more independent. Something I did to help earn his trust was to nurse as often as possible even when we went on a short road trip or something. We would stop at a rest area and I would nurse him. He eventually learned that I would nurse him often even if we were going somewhere. I hope this helps a little.

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    Hang in there mama. It can't be easy on your little one either. But you'll get through it together.
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    Red face Re: My baby is holding me hostage!

    Thanks ladies for your words of encouragement!
    We went to the store and she did pretty well. I'm hoping she snaps out of it soon.

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    I agree that it kinda sounds like a separation anxiety issue as well. My DD is my velcro baby. She goes to no body but me. She will go to her daddy but not for extended periods and not if she is sleepy or teething. It can be very exhausting. That being said, have you tried a cup instead of a bottle? My DS and DD refused any and all bottles, but LOVED the cup.

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    I have an 8 month old who is bottlefed and NO, that won't help. He screams his head off in the car anyway. My third baby refused to let anyone even touch him for 14 long months. It will pass eventually if you don't force the issue.

    I would suggest keep trying. My last two have been really difficult in the car, but they do learn it's not awful.

    And your LO is old enough to skip to a cup.
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