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Thread: Please help!!

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    Def look at your pump, as mentioned! I pumped with a Medela Freestyle that I took to work and used at home too. I used to pump a few minutes in the morning while putting on my makeup and sometimes, if I was lucky, while gingerly putting together my lunch box because I didn't want to tap anything and lose a drop--in my food :P I tucked the horns in my bra and it worked, I didn't use a special pumping bra or the harness contraption that comes with the Freestyle, it looked like too much work.

    It's a good idea to fit in another pumping session while at home in the evening too. Another good tip I got was to pump at the same time, +/- 15 minutes. After the third day I had a lot of milk come in!

    Check this out:
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*kasciehorrigan View Post
    I have two pumps, the one I have at work is a double and the one I have at home is only a single and a medela. I can't think of hte brand for hte one I have at work. But Im starting to think that the pump I have at work is not strong enough compared to my medela at home.

    Thank you so much for you help.
    I am not sure why you would have to look at your pump....4 oz per session is AMAZING yield! I would either also pump on my lunch, or gets the lighter adapter for the car and pump either on the way to or from work. If that is impossible try pumping 1st thing in the morning when you get up to pee.

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    I work 8 1/2 hour days and I pump on my way to work, 2 times at work, and then on my way home from work. From 4 sessions I only yield about 10-12 oz which makes enough to give the sitter to last the 9 1/2 hours I am away from LO the next day.

    So keep the 2 pumping sessions at work and then add another driving to work and one more driving home from work and I think you will be pleasantly suprised how much more of a yield you will have

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