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Thread: Nipple confusion

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    Default Nipple confusion

    My kiddo is almost 3 months old and we've been giving him a bottle every night since about week 2. Two days ago he decided that the bottle was scary and evil and he wanted nothing to do with it. This is a HUGE problem because I need to go back to work next month and he will need to get a bottle at least twice a day. I've tried Nuk, Breastflow, Medela, and Gerber bottles and he won't take any of them. I've even tried freshly expressed milk and if he gets any in his mouth, he just spits it out. All he wants is my breast. Can anyone help me? -Katie

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    When I went back to work with DS1 at 10 weeks he would not take a bottle at DC. He wasn't particularly unhappy while he was there and he made up for it when he got home. We got fairly regular calls from them about his unwillingness to take a bottle and they tried different nipples. Eventually he started taking them. I can't give you any advice other than keep trying.
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    Mama who's giving him the bottle? Are you in the room or home? It sounds to me like your LO might have picked a preference for mama. My DS did this when I went back to work and I remember being so worried! How long will you be away from your babe when you return to work? Who will be gving him his bottles?
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