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Thread: Block feeding/pumping

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    Sounds very similar to my LO...

    A little background-my LO was born June 29th, weighed 7 lbs 01oz. At her 10 day check-up she had gained almost 2 pounds. I mentioned to the MD that I was concerned about the amount/force of her spit ups. The MDs response was well whatever you are doing its working. 2 weeks later she started to have stridor after feeding and she would then proceed to have very forceful vomiting. She was wanting to eat every hour. So back to the MD where she was put on rantidine and I was told that I was feeding her to frequently. I was told to only feed her every 3 hours and to give her a pacifier. I was completley shocked by these directives. Well I did not listen, I continued to feed on demand (I did try to deter for longer, but not to the point no return) and she would not take a pacifier. I had also mentioned to the MD that I felt I had a forceful letdown as she would often times choke and that she would only eat for 5 min on one side and would not take more. I was told to pump prior to feeding. NOT ONCE did the MD ever ask about other symptoms/behaviors. Fast forward to my LO's 2 month check-up and again she gained a significant amount of weight-she weighed 11 lbs 8 oz. Again I was told that I should only feed her every 3 hours. Things just did not seem right so I sought out this wonderful forum to hopefully give me some answers. Well I found my LO had 8 out of the 15 behaviors listed on this site related to over supply.

    I began block feeding 5 days ago. When I first started I was able to pump 6 0z in 5 min on one breast. Today I pumped just enough to cover what she consumed while I was at work. I pumped 3x in the 10 hours I was away. At each session I only pumped on 1 side for 5 min. Each session yeilded approx 4 oz. I could have pumped more if I was to pump both breast or drain my breast completley at each session. I am concerned that I will end up with over supply again or that I will end up with under supply. How I got to the supply I have today was to feed on one side for 2 feedings. What is the best way to maintain a successful decrease in supply? Do I continue to feed on one side per every 2 feedings? Or, go to feeding every other?

    Thanks for any input. Just in the few days I have been doing this I have noticed a big change in my LO's behavior

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    I split this out from "Baby is in 95th percentile in weight" because I think it warrants its own thread.

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    What most moms who have a big OS yet have to pump do is just pump to stay comfortable and to make sure they have enough milk for the next day and then call it good. If you go down to the pumping forum, Tracie (who is no longer visiting the forum for some personal reasons) aka mommytoliliah had some good threads on this. There's several moms here who have OS and have to pump.

    If you can imitate with the pump what you do with your baby, you'll be OK. If your supply seems to drop off, add a session back in or if you are single pumping, double pump. Or start pumping until you are dry.
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