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Thread: dont want to throw away milk

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    Default dont want to throw away milk


    sometimes at the end of the day at dc my son will not finish a bottle. they save the milk but i am not going to give him a next feeding with it since i would nurse him (or have to pump and i refuse to pump and give him a bottle jf i dont have to.

    so mh question is can i save the 2 oz he didnt finish today and use it tomorrow or do i need to throw it out. i have thrown it out in the past because i know you are supposed to, im just wondering how much flexibility there is.


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    I have sometimes used it some hours later. Like overnight and he decided to unexpectedly STTN. I keep it cold though and never heat it, an his feeder doesn't work like a bottle. If it smells OK

    I don't think I'd do it if it was 12 hours though.
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    If this happens regularly you might make two smaller bottles for the end of the day. If he needs both bottles, fine, otherwise the second 2 oz bottle can be saved for the next day.
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