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Thread: Baby is in 95th percentile in weight!!

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    Default Re: Baby is in 95th percentile in weight

    DS2 always topped out the chart when he was a baby. Now he is 6 and he can pull off his 6 slim pants without unbuttoning them. (It is too inconvenient.) Not all BF babies are slim.
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    Default Re: Baby is in 95th percentile in weight

    Thanks everyone for all the support and advice. I do feel much better about my baby being big with all of your personal stories. I will keep feeding him on demand and not stress about if he knows when to stop eating. He is healthy and that is what truly matters. From what you are telling me his growing will eventually slow down and I shouldn't worry. I will look more into block feeding. This is the first time I've heard of it.
    I was asked if dad is a big guy and the answer is no. Dad is average height and weight. I'm average height and weight as well.

    Thanks for all of the positive feedback.
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    Mama, he will be FINE.

    All of my babies are wearing 3-6 month clothing by the time they were 8 weeks. One was born wearing it -- really. I was transferred to the hospital postpartum, and my DH had to bring bigger clothes to the hospital for the baby because what I'd packed was too small (). None are overweight -- in fact, one is underweight now. BF babies grow FAST at the beginning and then slow down around 4-6 months.

    Make sure your doc is using the BF baby chart, as that may make his growth seem a little less extreme.

    It's just babies with moms with OALD and OS do tend to grow really fast; all they have to do is open their mouths to be fed but you cannot overfeed a BF baby from the breast (a bottle, yes -- you are not bottlefeeding, right?). So you really do not need to worry about this.

    FWIW, your size and DH's size doesn't really matter. I was an itty bitty baby, DH was too, and we still seem to produce babies that are at least 9 lbs and grow super fast.
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    Default Re: Baby is in 95th percentile in weight

    My husband and I are very average sized - really on the petite side - folks. Joe was in the top 90th percentiles for weight, height, and head size (!) until about six months, when he started to slowly level out. Like most breastfed babies, he really started to "thin" down when he got mobile. It's lucky if your baby goes up in the charts in the beginning - moms of more slender breastfed babies often get flak from their doctors in the second half of the first year when their weight gain slows. It's textbook normal for BF'd babies - doctors need to get with the program!

    At two and a half, Joe is going up up up - getting taller and taller, but hardly putting on any pounds. My little chubby baby is turning into a little boy, right before my eyes.

    ETA: I had OS and OALD. Like Susan said, Joe didn't have to work for his food at all. It was like a firehose!

    For block feeding, start by just offering one breast, and let your baby go as long as he wants on that breast. If your baby gets hungry again within the next two or three hours, offer that same breast again, and only switch if he rejects it and still seems hungry. Some moms have to go an even longer period of time on one breast before switching to really deal with the OS, but it's good to start small. So hopefully a few days of that, and you'll see an improvement in your baby's stools, etc.
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    Default Re: Baby is in 95th percentile in weight

    I should add that I'm only 5'3" and DH is only 5'8" - both of my girls are in the 90th percentile in height now. They were over 95th in weight too - but they've both slimmed out now and are in the 70's.
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