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Thread: Painful bowel movements

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    My 4 week old only has one dirty diaper about every other day. Some say that is normal, some places say it should be more frequent. Our ped isn't worried. I am not as concerned about the frequency but more how uncomfortable she seems to be. When she is awake, she often is crying, now even screaming in pain. She often flails her arms, will 'climb' on me and other signs of pain. I have tried gas drops and gripe water with no real impact...and about every other method to soothe her. Wondering if anyone else deals with this? Is it really normal or could something be wrong? It is heart breaking to know she is so uncomfortable and nothing I do seems to help. Thank you for any insight/ advice.

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    Is there a particular time of day when your baby seems especially uncomfortable? And are you sure her discomfort is related to pooping? I mean, it is certainly possible that her tummy upsets her- remember, she's really only been using her digestive system for about 4 weeks, and babies have to get used to the strange new sensations of pooping and passing gas. But it's also possible that this is something else, like acid reflux.

    Anyway, things that always soothed my girls when they were uncomfortable-
    - warm bath
    - trip outside
    - being worn in a sling
    - being rocked in a rocker or swing

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    Thank you for your suggestions.
    She actually is taking medicine for acid reflux, but it is pretty mld and doesn't really bother her. The pain seems only related to pooping and passing gas.. After much squirming, grunting and crying she will often toot. She seems to relax/ feel better after a dirty diaper, although it is usually not a long period of time.

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    Would you consider baby massage? There are specific massages for bowels. Also if you keep your babe upright as much as posdible it should help a lot. Additionally nurse more if posdible.
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