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Thread: having trouble pumping at home?

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    Default having trouble pumping at home?

    *sorry, i guess this should have gone in the pumping forum. I don't know how to move it...*
    DD is 8.5 mos, 18-20 lbs (not sure, 9 mo visit is in a week or so). Very, very active and very healthy, never any weight or growth concerns.
    I went back to work at 3 mos and have always done a dream feed early in the AM - like 5am - before I go to work. She used to go right back to sleep and sleep until 630-700 when DH would get her up for the day and take her to DCP. Normally she will nurse 1-2x during the night, besides the dreamfeed. Once she's up for the day, she will normally take a bottle (expressed bm) or nurse around 8-830, right before her AM nap.
    Lately she is waking up more during the dreamfeed, and not wanting to go back to sleep, which at 5am is not a good situation. DH and I both have to be up and out of the house and building in an extra 60 mins to soothe her back to sleep is just not an option (believe me, we've tried). I thought I would start dropping the dreamfeed, and she could get that first bottle a little earlier. Well... we've been trying it, and she definitely wants that first bottle around 730, with no dilly-dallying! Unfortunately this means that I need to leave 4 bottles instead of 3 for a full day. I pump 3x/day at work.
    No problem, I will just pump in the AM right when I wake up (when I would have been doing the dreamfeed), right? Wrong! I can barely get anything!!! Yesterday I pumped in the morning, and 3 hours after her bedtime nursing, and got less than 1 oz total! Now, that was using a hand pump, since I leave the motor to my "real" pump at work, but I have always been okay with the manual one before this (I use it occasionally at home). Especially early in the morning... I was fully expecting to get 3-4 oz. I have checked the membrane and the valve and they are good.
    Anyone else have this happen? Should I just lug the big pump home every night, argh? I am juuuust pumping enough to meet demand as it is. Any suggestions would be welcomed, thanks!

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    Default Re: having trouble pumping at home?

    If your daughter doesn't want to go back to sleep after the dreamfeed, can you put her back in her crib (or wherever she sleeps) with a few toys?

    With my DS, I used to feed him before I left for work and put him in his crib with toys and he would be satisfied for another hour or two.

    I am doing the same thing you are currently with my twins-nursing in the morning (usually 5:45am) before I leave for work. Since it is very dark in the morning, it works to put them back in their cribs, turn the mobiles and night light on, and they will go back to sleep in less than 30 minutes (usually).

    Is it still dark when you are finished the dreamfeed? does your daughter sleep in her own room (ie can you do the normal bedtime routine)?

    On the days you don't work, what time is your daughter waking?
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    Default Re: having trouble pumping at home?

    The dream feed might not be a full feeding, which is why you just got a little bit. Your body might not be making a lot of milk for that time, even though LO nurses. She might not be really nursing, kwim. If you keep up the pumping at that time, you will get more eventually.

    Try car pumping too. That might be enough to get you that extra bottle a day. Does mean you will need to drag around a pump.
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    Default Re: having trouble pumping at home?

    OP here, thanks for the suggestions. I am starting to think that she's not taking a "full" feeding at the dreamfeed, as this AM I went into work late and so tried to nurse her when she first woke up. Not havin' it... the dogs were waaaaay more interesting than the boob, apparently. Yesterday DH said she was interested in the bottle but after about half, she said, gee thanks I'd rather go chew on a toy.
    And the issue with the manual? Apparently attempting to operate a manual pump with one hand while feeding dogs, packing lunches, and cleaning up the kitchen does NOT make for a good letdown. I tried pumping again last night... after everything was cleaned up, DH was home, I sat on the couch with a piece of good chocolate and a glass of eggnog Worked like a charm!
    Dropping the dreamfeed will seriously make me a much more pleasant person, so everyone IRL thanks you!

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