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    Hey everyone my LO is 15 weeks old and EBF, I have to return to work soon and would like he to still have BM ... how do I BF and pump ?? I know this has probably been asked a thousand times but everyones story is different I have tried pumping after feeding LO but I can only every get 1-2 oz's.. feels like this is going to take forever to get enough stored away before I return to work.... any advice or tips? thanks for reading

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    Getting 1-2 ozs after feeding is good. You don't need a huge stash before you go back to work because starting with the first day you can pump one day what you need for the next. I have done this three times and I usually aimed to have about 12 oz for each day. 1 - 1 1/2 oz for each hour you are away. When I was getting ready to go back, I would collect BM in my refrigerator until I had about 4 oz and freeze it then.

    Here and here are some good links on pumping for work and bottle feeding the breastfed baby.
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