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    I have a 1 month old and I am a first time mom. I had trouble with Milk supply in the begining due to baby wasn't gaining enough weight. But now she will feed about 10 mins on each breast, and still act hungry after she lets go. So we will offer 2oz of formula and she will seem happy then. But I am just wondering is she really hungry. Also I have never felt my breast feel heavy, or engorgment. Wondering if there is something wrong with me.. So Stressful I don't want to give up on breast feeding. Any insight would help.


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    Instead of offering formula, try switching sides, back and forth, back and forth. That gets baby more hind milk, gets baby to fill up and stimulates your supply.

    Bear in mind that just about all babies will take milk from a bottle after feeding, and it doesn't mean they need it. They kind of have to drink from a bottle; it's swallow or drown.

    Some moms never feel engorged. That can be because baby is taking it all

    If your baby is having adequate wets and poops without supplementing, then all is well. You can try checking baby's weight before and after a feeding and measuring how much baby takes in that way.

    Hope you stick around
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    Welcome! Check out this link for a method of weaning from formula supplements: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/decrease-formula.html

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    You've gotten some great advice so all I wanted to add was sympathy. It is so hard for us to trust our bodies. We expect there to be some easy checklist to follow and there isn't. You can do this. Just trust yourself.
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