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    Hi everyone! Looking for some advice and help. I am currently co-sleeping with a 3 year old and a 17 month old. The 17 month old is a very dedicated nurser. Nurses all day and all night like a newborn. I am exhausted. I would really like to start the “weaning process” but am very unsure as to how to go about it. I have been using the “don’t offer/don’t refuse” for awhile, but she ALWAYS wants it!!! I can’t really go about denying her at night without waking up both my husband and my 3 year old because my 17 month old is VERY vocal when I try to say no. Have thought about going into another room with her at night but am worried it’s just going to turn into a screaming mess that has me in tears and giving her the boob just to stop the crying. Even my 3 year old will occasionally nurse (it’s hard to say no to him when his sister is nursing so much). I really love all of the love and bonding that has come as a result of bed-sharing and nursing but the bottom line is – I am exhausted. I need to get my body back. HELP!!!!!

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    I found that weaning for part of the night allowed me to get a solid chunk of sleep and feel so much better.i would put the noys to hed at 8. ds2 nursed off and on depending on when he woke up until 11. between 11 and 1 i would just try to pat or snuggle back to sleep, if he protested too kuch we would nurse anyway. The stretch of time between 11 and 1 gradually got longer and longer until oneday we didn't wake until the sun was up. My ds2 was about a year older than yours when we did this so i do not know how a younger lo would do. I do feel your pain though.
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    What has always worked for us is to have Daddy step up and take over the nighttime parenting. For us, having mom there but not nursing would result in a scream-fest. So...remove mom, and while the kid would fuss and cry, it wasn't like Daddy was ignoring the kid or not offering comfort. It was just not what the kid wanted, but it's not CIO alone. So I move into another room alone, or with the newborn, and toddler learns to sleep with Daddy. Just weaning at night usually makes a big difference to a mama. I think Dr. Gordon has some info on how to nightwean too, but I don't have any links.
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    We used Daddy too for my older one, she just didn't expect milk from him so she didn't put up much fuss at all. Luckily with DD2 we never kept on with the night feedings after the first several months, she is a much better sleeper than DD1 tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aprilsmagic View Post
    I think Dr. Gordon has some info on how to nightwean too, but I don't have any links.
    Here it is: http://drjaygordon.com/attachment/sleeppattern.html

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