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Thread: I thought there was always milk

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    Default I thought there was always milk

    I just pumped for 10 mins. With a hospital grade pump after feeding my LO and got NO (not one drop) milk. I keep being told that you are never empty, but that sure feels like empty to me. Not the kinda of confidence booster I needed. Any idea why there was no milk? She had feed for 20 mins. right before I pumped, but I would have thought I would have gotten something or had another letdown. I pumped for 14 mths with DS and I could pump for 45mins straight and there would never be a 10 minute stretch without something.

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    That is very normal, especially after your dd ate. Babies are very efficient at getting milk out of the breast, even small amounts. But the pump is different, some women never get anything with a pump but have plenty of milk for baby.

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    That's right. How are your baby's nappies? That is a much better way to know how much milk you're making As long as you put baby to the breast on his cue, without restriction, let him eat as much as he desires, and you have no medical or physical problems with your breasts than you'll have enough milk.
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    With a second baby, your supply regulates to what you need, based on demand, much, much faster than it did the first time.

    If you kept pumping after feeding baby, you'll eventually get some milk. Because you've increased demand. That said, it takes time to increase your supply with a pump, because even the best pump is less effective than a baby.
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