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Thread: Left vs right?

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    Default Left vs right?

    Should I pumped the left more throughtout the day is my question?????

    I nursed daughter, both sides equally before I left for school at 3:00. She started nursing at 2:30.... I pumped both breasts in between my classes which was 7pm......left breast got only 1 oz and right gave me 2.5 oz. I pumped for 14 minutes b.c had to get to next class

    Why was left so little. I equally use. Y breast. I only offer her one breast per feedding except when I am leaving her. I try to tank her up.
    born 8lbs 12oz 21 inches
    Left hospital after c/s 8lbs 6 oz
    1 week old- 8lbs 6 oz
    2 weeks old- 8lbs 11 oz
    1 month- 9lbs 11 oz
    2 months 8/2/11- 12lbs 5 oz
    3 months- 14lbs even
    4 months-16lbs even
    6 months- 18lbs 6oz
    8 months-21lbs on home scale
    9 months-22lbs and 13 ouz
    11 months- ?
    12th months June 2
    Can't believe I have made it 11 1/2 months of nursing!!

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    Default Re: Left vs right?

    It's very normal to have a difference in supply between breasts. As long as you are getting enough milk when you pump, and you are not becoming lopsided or are not troubled if you are becoming lopsided, you don't need to worry about this. But if you are short on milk, or find that you are ending up with one giant breast and one tiny one, then you can even out the supply difference by pumping the lower-producing breast more frequently.

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    Default Re: Left vs right?

    I often see a different output between breasts when pumping, and it usually relates to the last nursing session before pumping. If during that session my son starts on the left and finishes on the right, then I will more milk from the right the first time I pump after that. If he starts on the right, I get more from the left when I pump. I think this is because he more thoroughly drains the breast he starts out on. In general, however, my left produces better than my right and it has never been a problem.

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