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Thread: is it even possible?

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    Default is it even possible?

    My daughter is 14 weeks old (8weeks corrected) and just got her tongue clipped after several weeks of latch issues and refusing breast. She was in the hospital for 4 weeks and didnt get much help breast feeding so I'm pretty much eping and bottle feeding. Sometimes I was able to slip in bf but she always seemed hungry after. Always she got it clipped this morning and the lc said try 48 with only giving her breast but she won't even suck once. She screams, I calm her down and try again. I tried that 3-4 times then gave her a little bit of bottle and repeated the process. She fell asleep when trying to calm her down. We are doing skin to skin now but I'm so frustrated but I don't want to starve her, help?!

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    Oh mama. It can be tough but you can do it. There are a few moms here with similar situations who have. I'll go ring the bell for some of them to chime in for you.

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    yes Momma It is possible to breastfeed this LO. you are more than half way there b/c you have an ample milk supply b/c you pumped. Hurray!
    Some mothers have success when they bottle feed first and then once the baby is not distracted by hunger, lie skin to skin w/ baby and gently guide baby to breast.
    Do this for every feeding, if the baby latches on keep her on b/c your breasts will transfer milk.
    If the baby gets distracted/confused/ frustrated b/c she's hungry and she hasn't latched then do not let her get inconsolable.
    By all means bottle feed her and then offer the breast for relaxation or to top off the feeding.
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    Oh it is possible! You are going to do great.

    If you want a little encouragement, here is an inspiring story of my friend Jenny...It just shows it is never too late!
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