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Thread: Balancing workload with Pumping

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    Default Balancing workload with Pumping

    I have been successfully EP'ing for 5 months now, and have no intentions on quitting....but I am having a problem with balancing a heavy workload and finding time to pump. I already come in early so that I can take longer breaks to pump...but that's just not enough.

    Here's the situation:
    -I work in an office setting in a cubicle...the walls are probably elbow length..pumping at desk not an option
    -we have a mothers room that has a sink, table, and chair
    -we do not have the use of any laptops, computers etc to do our job while pumping
    -I do not have the option to take work home if I have not finished my job for the day

    My question is, what are my options? I know my supply is dropping, because even though I'm coming in early to get two pumping sessions in, I only get one in usually. I would LOVE to be able to pump and work at the same time - it's extremely doable...I just don't know if my company would go for it. Right now, I just don't have a manageable workload in order to take an hour out of my day to pump twice. Our entire team has been slammed with work pretty much since March...so I want to still fulfill my obligation to the company and to my team, while still providing for my baby. Is there anything that I can do that would help my chances of the company putting in a computer in the mothers room? I feel it is my only option to get all of my work done and still pump.

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    Default Re: Balancing workload with Pumping

    You are in a hard situation. If I were in your shoes, I would make the proposal with the fact that you are pump as a given. So, you might say, "If we had a computer for use in the mother's room I could use that time to get more of our work done." The company may never have thought about putting one in there with the concern that they would be perceived as pressuring the moms to work while pumping. The fact that you are already coming in early is a definite plus in your favor and you might mention it when you ask about a computer.
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    Default Re: Balancing workload with Pumping

    Could you take a laptop in with you?
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    Default Re: Balancing workload with Pumping

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aprilsmagic View Post
    Could you take a laptop in with you?

    My situation was a lot like yours. I'm a lawyer, so I took cases, books, etc., in to do some reading while I pumped. There was usually something I could do that didn't involve the computer. Even printing out emails, documents, etc. I got a lot of good work done that way. But, I admit, I also stayed later in the evenings sometimes ... I was very pleased to pump wean because I could get more done and go home earlier. Hang in there! It gets better!

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    Default Re: Balancing workload with Pumping

    Momma, sounds like you're working really hard to make all this work! Great job! If you're coming in early anyways, maybe you just need to remember that you're already planning the time on top of your normal work time and stick to it. If you work full time and come in a half hour early, you should have a half hour lunch plus one more half hour session. I'd just keep that in mind and not feel like you have to give it up. KWIM? If you weren't pumping, you wouldn't be there half an hour early and wouldn't be working the extra half an hour. One way to look at it would be that if someone were diabetic and came in early to allow time through out the day for testing/shots/etc, you wouldn't expect them to skip that, right? I totally understand not wanting to let down your team or boss, but don't let yourself down! Figure out how much time you need to pump, come in that much early and stick to your breaks!!

    Also, it sure wouldn't hurt to ask about getting a laptop or computer, then you wouldn't need to come in early.

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