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Thread: Baby Acne Remedies?

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    My DD is almost 4 wks and has baby acne only on face and a little on back. She doesn't seem bothered by it. I just don't like to see the pink areas on her cute face I've tried breastmilk but that hasn't helped. I understand it normally clears after first month. Any suggestions would be appreciated..thanks!

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    Cut dairy. Seriously. Every one of my babies got really bad acne. I didn't know about dairy when I had my first, and he had it bad for the first 3 months. I heard that while pregnant with my second, and as soon as one pimple popped up on him, I cut dairy, and within a couple weeks, it was all cleared up. Same thing for my others.
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    Mainly time is the factor, unless there is an allergy factor like mentioned above. I found with both DDs it cropped up around four weeks and started clearing up at about eight weeks. I found that washing their face with a damp warm washcloth in the morning and night helped. I didn't use any soap. This is caused by a possible transfer of your hormone during pregnancy. Their skin was a bit patchy and rough when it finally started clearing up, but then their skin went back to a beautiful smooth pink! Just don't put any medications, harsh soaps or pop or scrub the pimples and you'll see some results here in a few more weeks!

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    I just let it go away on its own. My ped said it was just the pores flushing things out from the womb, and that it would be just fine after a while. Soap and water is all I would use, if anything.

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    I think you should consult with your family doctor and I think he can guide you in the right way.

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