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Thread: hosp grade vs PIS

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    Default hosp grade vs PIS

    I posted this on another thread but it fits here too.. i relactated up to 5 oz a day with domperidone but I would like to keep increasing without taking the medication. I have a PIS and a Harmony so im wondering if i should switch from that and the meds to a hospital grade (my son wont nurse so this is the next best thing)

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    I bought a PIS adn it worked pretty good. However, it took way too long to get the milk out. I finally rented a Symphony....MUCH BETTER!!! Faster!!! No soreness. I read that the Symphony is the closest thing to a baby's sucking.
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    I'd definitely go for the hospital-grade. Rent one and try it out- if it doesn't do much for you, just return it and go back to the PIS.
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