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    DD was recently diagnosed between her pediatrician and me as having reflux. He has given me a prescription for Zantac (1/2ml twice a day), and as I was reading the pharmacy pamphlet provided with the medication, I noticed it said that the product may or may not contain alcohol!! What?! I am a little freaked out about giving this to her now. I've taken other steps to reduce the reflux, and it seems to be helping, but I also don't want her in any pain either when she has a bad day. However, I was wondering if there are any alternatives that are potentially safer?

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    Yes, it does contain alcohol. That makes it taste really quite awful.

    An alternative without the alcohol is Axid. My last two babies took that. It works the same way. We used it because of the taste issues.

    IMHO, Zantac, even with the alcohol is safe.
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