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    Question My first baby

    Hello everyone! Well you see, im looking for advice recently my first son borned ten days ago and in the beginning i was unable to breastfeeding him because in the hospital the two days i was in there i can only saw him when they brang him to me for two hours per day, and when he came he was always full because they fed him with formula, so in my house i was a little desesperate because i didnt have milk and we couldnt acoply. Recently the milk came and he started to take the nipple. But when i am breastfeeding him he drink for aproximately five minutes and started to fall sleep. what can i do? it is normal that he does this and with the bottle (with my own milk) he finishes relative quickly?

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    i am sorry to hear that the hospital feed the baby and kept him from you

    how are you feeling? congratulations!

    milk comes out of a bottle fast. babies do not need to work to get the milk.

    a baby does need to work to get milk from a breast. so what you describe (finishing a bottle quickly) sounds very normal.

    I would keep the baby at your breast all day get a cozy chair, food, books, whatever you like and keep it by the chair. just sit and nurse all day.

    if he is falling asleep quickly tickle his feet, use a wet cloth on his face, put him down. just do something to wake him up. my son woke up when i put him down so i would nurse for a few min, put him down, pick him up, put him to the other breast and keep doing that over and over.

    also look at this link on how to get the baby to latch on:


    and watch these videos:

    i also would squeeze my breast in the beginning when he was sucking to help the milk come out a little faster since my son fell asleep so fast.

    Here are my questions for you:

    are you giving bottles of your milk or formula?
    how many?
    how many diapers is the baby having?
    do you sleep with the baby?
    what is your native language? if it is spanish there are people who can reply in spanish, there are pages just for that too
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    All very good advice! It can be tricky to keep sleepy babies awake at time. But keep at it. Like Erin said, tickles, undressing, wet wash cloth, change positions. Whatever you find works for you!

    I'm happy to hear that you got him on the breast after being separated at the hospital. Nurse as much as you can and ask as many questions as you need to!
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    Terrific advice from Erin! Keep the baby at the breast as much as possible. That will help you make plenty of milk and will help him forget all those bottles.

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    Congratulations...you're doing well with the way your milk has come in. Best wishes going forward. Keep at it....and let the pediatrician know. Be firm in telling the Dr that you want to breast feed, some may try to persuade you otherwise.

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    my LO was sleepy in the beginning. I would play gently with her arms up and down, and massage her back, she would wake up and eat some, then sleep. I would repeat, she would eat some more, fall asleep, repeat again. So I would be nursing her for 30 or 40 minutes at a time, waking her up many times as many times as it took for a good nursing session.

    I know it's hard, and I got sore nipples b/c the nursing session was so long. But soon it got better. She learned to nurse in her sleep!

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