I took domperidone to relactate and it worked! i was up to about 5 ounces a day in 6 weeks, but I noticed something else. My left eye was turned bloodshot red. Went to the doctor and they told me it was pink eye- gave me the drops to use but it didnt help. one of the side effects of domperidone is red eye so im wondering if this caused it and if so, does it go away? I stopped taking the domperidone about 3 days ago and my supply dropped to 3 ounces per day so far but my eye "seems" to be getting better. Is the red eye permanent and does it cause other damage? Ive been told to quit taking it just in case its doing something else that we cant see so im now doing everything else i can to get my supply back up including repeatedly trying to get him to nurse (hes nursed a handful of times since he was born and hes 4 months old now)