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Thread: "Just for fun" food

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    DD is eating and enjoying solids pretty well. I do BLS and she eats a little bit every day at lunch and dinner, but usually not breakfast. She likes to nibble on my snacks as well, usually fruit. My question is whether it's okay to give a baby some food (healthy, obviously) just to keep them occupied and happy for a little while, even if they don't seem to actually be hungry. For example, last week I let DD munch on a tomato while we were on our walk just so she wouldn't whine that she was in the stroller instead of the Ergo. She didn't seem hungry, just interested in exploring the food.

    I'm mainly concerned because of a family history of compulsive eating. I don't want to create the habit of eating out of boredom, yet I only give her healthy food and if she is uninterested, of course she could always just ignore it.

    Any thoughts?

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    I'm okay with my little ones 'grazing' while they're discovering. As you said, they aren't always hungry. Sometimes it's just about playing with it, rolling it around in their mouths, taking it out and smushing it. We'll often have Nutrios, grape quarters, cheese, puffs, etc. out at any given time. I then offer yogurt, apple sauce, etc. in between to feed it to them (otherwise my living room wears it). I prefer the variety to round out their diets. They eat it as they're hungry, they don't as they don't. I figure it's like breast feeding on demand. They learn what fills them, they decide when they're full and stop. They control the input. Which I feel, gives them a healthier foundation than allowing them to get super hungry, gorge themselves to be over-full, so that they can get themselves to the next meal.

    I think it was one of the Momma's here in another thread (can't remember which) who posted Dr. Sears take on grazing: http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/fee...ddlers/grazing We were doing a version of this without even knowing it was a defined approach.
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    I think that as long as you let her control how much she eats (and even whether she eats at all) you are on the right track. Isn't that the basic philosophy of breastfeeding on demand, so shouldn't that apply to early eating as well?
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    From about 8 months on I would give DJ unpeeled uncooked apple wedges to munch on. They kept him busy and happy and made no mess. Win win.

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