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    My DD is 10 weeks and it HURTS when I put her in a cradle hold. It also seems she does not get as much. I have been nursing her in the football hold, but would like to be able to nurse her in the cradle hold. She is getting kind of long for the football hold!

    Will getting her upper lip clipped help with the pain in the cradle hold?

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    I would wager that if you are getting a comfortable latch in football hold that it is not her frenulum causing you pain in the cradle hold. Try positioning her in a cradle hold with her head closer to your center, instead of nestled so deeply into your elbow. I was surprised to learn that the image I had in my head of a cradle hold is actually improper positioning. I had been curling my son around my breast, really nestled deeply in the crook of my elbow, but that pressed his upper jaw into my nipple. Moving him away from my elbow allowed his head to tilt back more and pulled mouth open farther. I don't know if I'm describing this correctly, but play with positioning within the cradle hold, and see if getting her head tilted back more helps.

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