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Thread: Nursing strike -10 month old - help!!

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    Default Nursing strike -10 month old - help!!

    I just went back to work (teaching and getting a degree) last week -- my dd will be 10 months this week. I've been home except for a few hours here and there before this -- she's always taken a bottle of formula when I was out (since 2 months) and it never impacted BFing.

    But all of the sudden two nights ago she refused to nurse which was so odd -- so I thought she was full but then same thing yesterday morning. Unfortunately yesterday was my marathon work day and I was gone from 8:30 am- 8:30 pm and when I got home she was asleep. She didn't nurse this morning (maybe 2 minutes one breast) and only had a bit of milk in a sippy cup (two ounces).

    I've been pumping while away every few hours although I don't make nearly enough (I've never had good pumping results).

    Is it the flow is too slow? Is this the end for us? I realized at some point she'd wean during the day which I am ok with but I really thought she'd keep up nursing at night and mornings for a long time more and I'm just so so sad this is happening...

    It makes going back to school/work so much harder -- I feel so guilty...

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    Default Re: Nursing strike -10 month old - help!

    Oh mama, please don't feel guilty! Some babies go on strike even when their mamas are home full-time, and it often happens right around the 10month mark. It's not your fault. This link covers nursing strikes and what to do about them: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html.

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