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Thread: Lipase, scalding and egg smell?

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    Default Lipase, scalding and egg smell?

    Hi Ladies! Thanks for all your great posts and discussions. First time poster, long-time reader. My baby boy is 5 1/2 months old. I nurse and also pump for work. I've never had a large supply and I went back to work with only a few freezer bags. I've managed to pump enough fresh for him the last few months. But, I'm traveling in two weeks and need to have some freezer bags. My hubbie notices my freezer milk smells a little bit and my boy spits up a lot after frozen milk. From reading, seems like it may be high lipase so I just started scalding a few bags to experiment.

    I noticed with scalding there is a faint egg smell. My husband walked into kitchen and noticed it right away also. Am I scalding wrong? Is this normal? Any other tips to feeze and eliminate odor or spit up? My son has milk allergy and rejects non-milk formulas so supplementing is not a great option.


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    Default Re: Lipase, scalding and egg smell?

    Mine has always had a slightly eggy type odor after scalding, so I think that's normal.

    Unfortunately, I also think it's normal to smell a bit strong perhaps after freezing. I would not assume lipase unless the flavor changes after storage in the fridge or freezer. Don't scald unless you HAVE to .... Doing so destroys some of the goodness of the milk! Scalding and freezing destroys even more.
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