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Thread: Help please!! trouble in evening

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    Hi Ladies!! I am new here and would appreciate any advice. My baby is 5 wks old and almost every pm he cries and fusses. When I nurse I feel like I am empty and he cries even louder, (the rest of the day he nurses fine). I pump in the morning and have had to give him a bottle to settle him down at night and fall asleep. I pump about 4 ozs in am and last night he drank almost 8 ozs!! I was trying to store it for when I go back to work but at this rate I will have to supplement if he drinks more than I make. I have tried fenugreek and I dont really thinks it works. Also my husbands answer for everything is to give the baby a bottle which makes me crazy!!! But I am at my wits end here and getting really stressed out!

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    Welcome to the forum, and welcome to fussy evenings (a.k.a. the witching hour(s) or evenings-only colic). The problem is unlikely to be your milk supply- it's just your baby being a baby. The solution is not to offer a bottle, but to nurse, nurse, nurse, and then nurse some more, because nursing is what trains your body to make the proper amount of milk for a given time of day. This link covers fussy evenings: http://kellymom.com/babyconcerns/fussy-evening.html

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    I agree with everything Mommal said. My DD was like that early on as well. We'd nurse and until she stopped and cried too much so we'd take a break and I'd bounce her until my back couldn't take it anymore and then we'd nurse some more. It got better with time and the fussing decreased. Eventually I was able to set up on the couch in front of the tv and just cluster feed her for an hour or so before she'd go to sleep.

    Just keep nursing, take breaks to burp, bounce and change position when he cries. It will pass with time! Hand in there mama!
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    Hang in there momma!

    I remember those days, my LO screamed and screamed from 4 weeks until....not sure when, but was like heaven when it stopped....and it was almost suddenly, like one day my hubby and I were enjoying our evening together, and realized, oh wait, she's ok!

    My LO fussed at the breast and refused me during that time period, and one night when I was convienced I didn't have anymore milk, my hubby tried a bottle, only to have her do the same thing to him....

    It gets better, and you're doing great!

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    Mama, your issue is exactly the reason i started coming to this forum. And I too started giving like seven or eight ounces -- well in hopes also that my LO would sleep for longer than two hours -- which didn't help -- i'd probably overstuffed him so much he was uncomfortable! Anyway - the same advice was given to me: do not supplement with ebm at night. it will only hurt your supply. I am sooo glad I listened. I stopped supplementing immediately and it really did help my supply. I did have to nurse more through the night for a while. I really just learned to accept and embrace that time with my little buddy - even in the evenings when he was his fussiest, and it feels so overwhelming, just try to remind yourself how quickly this time will pass. Hang in there.
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    Mama, sorry you're going through this! I agree with pp's, this is probably just baby fussiness. For my LO, wearing her in a sling was a life saver. She'd snuggle happy as can be with mama while I took care of the older one and did what I needed to do! If you're there all the time, I wouldn't supplement with a bottle. My breasts always feel soft unless something changes and I go a really long time w/o nursing or pumping. You're bodies probably just sorted things out with supply.
    Hang in there!

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    Agree with Mommal. DS2 had the witching hour too...well the witching 4 hours+!! It does get better. What I did was to stop everything else and nurse in bed. DH made dinner and got DS1 to bed and I dealt with the baby.
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    with everyone else. My DD was really bad btw 5 and 9 for about 3 months! I found that going outside for a walk at that time really helped. She was really quiet and just looking around or falling asleep.
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    Welcome and congrats on your new LO. Check out this link, as it answers a lot of your questions. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/
    I was where you are and it just takes time to learn to trust your body. Keep track of wet and poopy diapers and if there is enough coming out, there is enough going in!!
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