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Thread: teething behaviour?

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    Default teething behaviour?

    Hello All,

    My LO is 5 mon old and I think she is teething. She's been drooling tons since she was 2 mon old but seems like it has increased a bit and she has a horrible rash on her chin now. When she nurses, sometimes she will suckle, unlatch, suck her thumb, then I'll pull out her thumb and she'll relatch and then repeat the cycle a few more times (I continue to offer her the breast because sometimes she'll unlatch after only a minute or two of suckling). The other change that has been going on is that she's up until 2 or 3AM! She doesn't usually need to feed after 9PM but she's been so fussy after that lately, I wasn't sure what it was and she would nurse for a bit if offered. So I'm not sure if it's a hunger or comfort thing. I do get let down when she nurses later.

    So do you guys think this is just teething behaviour? Or could something else be going on? I don't think she's sick as other then this she's not really acting any different. Oh and when we give her a teething ring she chomps on it.


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    Default Re: teething behaviour?

    Could be teething.

    You could try giving some baby Tylenol or Advil and see if that helps. I also used to use teething tablets (if you can find them) and oddly, colic remedies. They helped my last baby, who was a terrible teether, relax and sleep better.
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