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Thread: Baby wants to be held!

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    Default Baby wants to be held!

    I just started back to work and the baby just does great over there, she can put him in the swing, lay him down for a nap and all is good. When i pick him up I have to hold him and cannot put him down. I get him to sleep and go to lay him down and those little eyes pop open! He is almost 7 weeks and I cannot get anything done! Is anyone else having this problem?

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    Default Re: Baby wants to be held!

    This is pretty common at that age, especially for babes getting used to not being around mama all day. He just misses you Have you looked into a ring sling or other form of baby wearing? It's a good compromise for baby to get the closeness he craves while mom has her hands free to do other things.

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    Yep, baby misses you and wants to be with you. I did not wear my first ds and it was so hard and frustrating not being able to do anything. I finally figured out the whole babywearing thing by the time ds2 was born and things were so much easier.
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    Default Re: Baby wants to be held!

    I agree with the PPs. It's totally normal. Cosleeping once I went back to work FT after my daughter was born saved us - and gave us more time. Your baby has been with you for many, many months without ever being put down (when you were PG). It's totally normal for a baby to still crave that. Heck, my daughter is the same way sometimes still.

    Try babywearing.

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    Default Re: Baby wants to be held!

    my Ergo. my son and i are both happier together, either me holding him or wearing him.
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    Default Re: Baby wants to be held!

    I know it's easier said than done, but cherish this time. Your baby is still so young.
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    Default Re: Baby wants to be held!

    , especially since you are at work all day. She misses you. Even my almost 2 year old really, really wants me to hold him and follows me around when I come home from work, especially if I work a long day. Cosleeping and babywearing helped us a lot too, especially since DS2 never wanted to be put down by anyone and always had to be next to someone at all times.

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    Default Re: Baby wants to be held!

    I was even a SAHM and my son needed held, just his personality. Invest in a carrier, you won't regret it! Baby gets to be close and you can get things done!
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    Default Re: Baby wants to be held!

    babywearing was the answer for us. I absolutely LOVED my ring sling when my son was young, and when he was older he practically lived in the mai tai (spelling?) on my back. It allowed him to be close to me while also allowing me to have free hands to get things done.

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    Default Re: Baby wants to be held!

    Another advocate for baby wearing here It's really the only way to go at that age.
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