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Thread: Offer same breast first all the time

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    I finally got my LO on the breasts. She never nurse more than 7 minutes on the left side and sometime cries and refuses it, but she would nurse more than 15 minutes on the right without any problem almost every time. She seems more willing to take the left breast if I offer it first. I was told to alternate breasts each feeding, does it matter if I offer the left breast first every time ? Is this going to cause my breasts/or milk supply to be uneven ?

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    Although this article is about lopsidedness, it does address issues of preference and how to deal with it.

    It is great that your LO is nursing!
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    You got your baby to nurse! That's major! At that point, I wouldn't worry too much about lopsideness - she probably prefers the side with better supply, or faster flow. You could try pumping on the less-favored side, to try to increase the supply on that side a bit. Or, some women nurse primarily on one side for extended periods of time, and that's okay too. You can make enough milk from one breast to feed your baby. Most, if not all, of us have a difference in supply between breasts, but for some women it's more extreme.

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    At this point...don't rock the boat. And most babies have one breast they prefer. Once things get more nailed down, your baby may be more willing to accept both. Or start on the one and then finish with the less preferred side, when baby isn't starving.

    I used to do a lot of dream feeding with my babies' least preferred breast.

    I had no idea until I had to do this EPing thing how much difference in production would be possible before you really get lopsided.

    Just keep on nursing!!
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