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Thread: VERY worry about my milk supply

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    Unhappy VERY worry about my milk supply

    Hello mamas!

    I am really worry that my milk supply is decreasing. I am currently nursing my 27 month DS (only a couple times a day now) and 6 month old DD (exclusively). Almost 3 weeks ago inserted a bootcamp weight loss program. Because I am a nursing mom my calorie intake is 2000. I only do bootcamp twice a week, walk every day, and drink about 4 liters of water a day. I think I am taking it easy. BUT a couple of days ago I noticed my breasts smaller. I usually have full breast bc I produce too much. I nurse one side at a time to make sure my baby gets hind milk. Therefore it was very noticeable that my breasts felt empty. When I pointed it to my DH he agreed they felt empty. DS is nursing less and some days only once a day. Today when he was nursing after his nap he got really upset. After a few minutes he started crying and said "more more more" I expressed the breats he was nursing on and saw only a fee drops of milk. I am freaking out this weight loss program is jeopardizing my milk supply. Is that possible? I feel really great being active again and doing something for myself, but I DONT want to jeopardize my milk supply because of it. Has anyone experienced this before? Any advice? Sorry for this long confusing message. I feel like I just wrote this without making any sense.

    One more thing, DD is having wet diapers and poopy diapers and dont seem to be hungry. But I am soooo worry

    Thank you in advance for you help!
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    Default Re: VERY worry about my milk supply

    As long as your younger baby is having sufficient wet and poopy diapers, you are producing enough. What you're experiencing may well be the normal adjustment that makes supply match demand very precisely, without a lot of milk left over to give you that full feeling. This adjustment happens at a different time for all moms. Some moms notice a rapid adjustment. But for moms with persistent oversupply, the adjustment may take months. The following are NOT reliable signs of low supply:
    - not feeling full
    - not leaking
    - needing to use two breasts per feeding after using only one for a long time
    - diminished pump output
    - fussy baby
    - baby increases feeding frequency
    - baby increases night waking

    However, the fact that this is all coinciding with you starting a new diet and exercise regime probably means that this is an excellent time to be cautious. Pay a little more attention to your younger baby's diaper output. Make sure that your exercise bra is a proper fit, not tight or binding!

    I wouldn't freak out, though.

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    Default Re: VERY worry about my milk supply

    I'm with Mommal! I noticed around six months that my breasts never really got that hard feeling I was used to and was such a good indication in my mind tht i had plenty of milk. Now I don't get that full feeling unless i go close to24 hours of not nursing! I don't want to copy everything Mommal's saying but just second that - it's all good advice and as long as diaper output is good I'd say you're good! Nice work nursing two, btw
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