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Thread: BLS, gagging, makes me nervous

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    Its a phase.

    Only give him 1 or 2 items at a time.

    Eating is LEARNED skill. Say (and model by you doing it) things like "take small bites" then YOU take a SMALL bite. Say "you need to chew and swallow" then YOU do this. And so on.
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    Default Re: BLS, gagging, makes me nervous

    Totally empathize with you on this one. DS is 10 months old and still occasionally gags to the point of vomiting. I'm still a nervous wreck, but I don't let him see that. And when he gets it out, he almost always just picks it back up and tries again. But it has dramatically decreased - at around 8 months old he gagged and vomited 3-5 times per meal. Now he maybe does it once or twice a week. It gets better! They learn really quickly!
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